Our Core Product

Our risk management system harnesses the power of the Internet and our team of HR professionals to provide the best available loss-control product for EPL insured’s. The Internet-based system features state-specific summaries of employment laws, along with compliance forms and procedures (including handbooks), training materials, specialist support and much more.

The system includes:

1. One-On-One HR Support

Call or email one of our highly qualified HR professionals for assistance with your unique HR situation. Our HR professionals are the best in the business. Our team offers:

  • Over 60 years of combined high level HR experience
  • All PHR or SPHR certified
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • HR experience in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, agricultural, retail, health care, hospitality, recreation, transportation, entertainment and consulting

2. Hundreds of Step-by-Step HR Policies and Procedures to Lower Risk

  • 102 customizable and state-specific employee handbook forms
  • Federal and state-specific required posters (English and Spanish)
  • HR forms (e.g. I-9 forms, FMLA designation, W-4 forms)
  • Compliance QuickTips and FAQs (e.g. ADA, interactive process, medical leaves)

3. Spanish Services

  • HR advice in Spanish
  • Sexual harassment training
  • Employee handbooks for select states
  • Posters and policies
  • Employee complaint hotline

4. Training and Awareness Programs

  • Online engaging and interactive courses (with course completion records available via the system database)
  • Compliance training (anti-harassment, hiring, termination) for both managers and employees
  • Monthly training bulletins and awareness posters (English/Spanish)
  • Webinars on employment law compliance and HR best practices presented by industry experts (e.g. employment lawyers, EEOC representatives)

5. Monthly Newsletter and HR Bullet Points

  • Newsletter includes state-specific and federal updates to employment laws
  • Informational articles on HR trends and best practices
  • HR Bullet Points provide timely updates and tips for HR professionals

6. Toll-Free Employee Complaint Hotline

  • Employees report employment-related claims to our HR professionals who document the complaint and promptly report the information to the employer
  • Critical factor in the detection, prevention, response and affirmative defense process for the employer

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